The School library of St. Joseph's Academy is situated on the 3rd floor and is a spacious fully furnished facility with all the amenities such as CCTV cameras, AC, furniture etc. It has a vast collection of books that are made available to the students as well teachers and other staff.


The library has more than 16000 books, including Reference books like Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Atlas, etc. Students can consult various books and make academic notes. In this way, they can prepare themselves for examination. Students can use Reference books to complete their project work. Apart from academic aspects, the students can also entertain themselves with the vast collection of Story books and novels that are available. Special care has been taken to select good books that not only cater to the reading habit of the children but also help them develop good moral values and virtues.
Magazines & Newspapers: The academic magazines like Education today, Career 60 keep them aware of the latest developments in the world and Nandan, Champak entertain the student with the various stories and activities. We have a daily supply of The Times of India and the Newspaper in Education edition which is useful for the children to understand the current affairs.
Issue and Return of the books: Students can borrow story books and take them home for further study. Books are issues for one week. Upon return and after reading, the students are also asked to write a book review.
General Rules of the Library:
� MAINTAIN SILENCE- the first golden rule is Silence. While studying in the library, the students are not permitted to talk or disturb the class.
� CAREFUL HANDLING OF BOOKS- the books in the library are very costly, and some are also rare collection, which includes encyclopaedias, reference books. The students are taught to carefully handle the books and take special care not to damage or deface the books.