Computer Lab

The school has 2 Air-conditioned I.T laboratories with 1:1 student, computer ratio. Both the labs are well equipped with computers of latest generation along with modern tools and software to cater to the requirements of students and teachers following CBSE curriculum. The Lab on the second floor, is for the students from Class I-X.
For our beginner students, our focus in technology is to introduce them to computers. We warm up each class with holding our hands in the home position on our keyboard to introduce proper keyboarding. We then move onto hunting for keys on our keyboard. We learn how to open up programs, type in website addresses, add addresses to our favorites, and use programs like Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Word For our younger students, our focus in technology is to expand their basic computer skills and show them how technology can be an important tool in introducing them to a world of knowledge. Students learn how to create Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents for specific class projects.
For our older students, our focus in technology is to build on the foundation they received in the primary grades. The kids are learning the Microsoft Office Programs of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. We integrate the program with their subject matter in their classroom and show the kids how to use technology to enhance their learning and present their work. We gain an in depth understanding of the tools and features in these programs For Class XI & XII, we have the MULTI LAB on the fourth floor, which is exclusively for those students who have opted for the Computer Science (C++) / Informatics Practices subject. All the computers are updated with the latest software likeMS SQL, JAVA, C++, DOS BOXetc., to provide optimal support for students.